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Shanghai Sunrise Instrument Co.,Ltd.

About Us

Shanghai Sunrise Instrument Co.,Ltd. was foundded in Jan.2008.We specialized in sampling equipments such as gas sample bags ,flue gas sample bag,liquid dan solid sampling bags,sampling bumps,gas sampling vacuum chambers. E-Switch brand. According to E-Switch design concept,we have developed our own dedicated flow-adjustable multi-functional valves,teflon valves and gas nozzles wchich have won several national patents. E-Switch flow-adjustable multi-functional valves better complete functions and interface sizes in this line and they can be applied to hoses with 3 to 6mm in diameter. They don't leak even when taken for samples for 15 times,which is of number one priority in the industry ..

Our vision

gas sample bag Security,no air leakage,precision,convenience.

Our mission

Our products are popular at home and abroad..

Behind the brand

E-Switch gas sample bag Security and convenience.Our bags valve is Easy-Switch..

Our history begins

Shanghai Sunrise Instrument Co.,Ltd. was founded in Jan.2008..

Our products

E-switch brand gas sampling bags,are mainly made from 4 films:Tedlar gas sampling bags teflon fep gas sample bags.PVDF gas sample bag.aluminum foil gas sample bag..

Why us?

E-switch brand gas sampling bags is the first manufacturer of flow-adjustable gas sampling bag,and have won several national patents ..